Digislip’s Story

Digislip is a passion project born from the firsthand experience of Tiffany Wycoff, a blended learning author, teacher, school leader, and consultant. As an early adopter of digital learning resources, Tiffany saw firsthand the transformational power of technology in classrooms. Alongside this, however, she witnessed the confusion and fear parents experienced as the 21st Century classroom shifted to include more blended learning models and children spent more time at home engaged in eLearning tools. While Tiffany recognized the advantage and responsibility of educating parents about the digital tools being used in the classroom, she felt the market was missing the right tool to do this. The need for such a tool was echoed by school leaders and teachers in schools with whom Tiffany worked as a consultant.

Tiffany co-founded Digislip with technologist Kevin Cristella, who has worked professionally in the finance, banking, and media industries on large-scale projects including a global redesign of Citibank's ATM platform and B2B content delivery platforms at HBO. Outside of his professional career, Kevin has developed a variety of websites and applications and his portfolio can be viewed at

Digislip released an early version of its free direct-to-teacher tool in January 2016. Digislip is seeking teachers to pilot the app and provide feedback for its official launch in the summer of 2016. Digislip is committed to helping teachers responsibly inform and obtain authorized consent from parents via its free teacher application. It will also offer premium features at the enterprise level soon.

Product Features

  • Easily upload parent contact information
  • Add learning apps to the classroom toolbox
  • Automatically generate emails to parents for each application in the toolbox
  • Obtain consent or contact requests with a click of a button
  • Easily view contact requests and outstanding authorizations on the Dashboard
Coming Soon - Premium Features